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Partenariat byd et Veolia Transport

BYD et  Veolia Transport en Finlande, partenaire pour amener le premier bus électrique à la ville de Finlande.

. BYD Co., Ltd (BYD), a leading-edge provider of green energy technologies based in Shenzhen China and Veolia Transport Finland Oy, a public transport operator that is setting the standard of innovative and sustainable mobility solutions in Finland, announced today a partnership to operate BYD’s electric bus in a world-class test bed for electric buses in Espoo city, part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the capital of Finland. This unique project gathers  together major Finnish public  transport and  technology players – Veolia Transport Finland Oy, Espoo city, VTT, Helsinki Regional Transport Authority, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES), Ministry of Transport and Communications and Ministry  of  Employment  and  Economy  –  to make  the  BYD  eBUS-12  the  first  pure  electric  city  bus  in Finland.

. As  part  of  the  agreement, Veolia  Transport  Finland  will conduct  real  operations with  BYD  eBUS-12  in Espoo for three years. The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) will take the role of monitoring and measuring  during BYD  eBUS-12’s  daily  operations,  so  that EV  buses  can  be verified  as  one  of  the  key solutions for Veolia Transport Finland to ensure sustainable mobility solutions for the future.

Henry Li Senior Director of BYD stated :

“BYD  is  thrilled  to partner with Veolia Transport Finland Oy  to demonstrate  this  significant  project  in  Finland,  which  gives  BYD  an opportunity  to  prove  that  our  EV technologies are feasible and reliable even  in such harsh climatic conditions. BYD eBUS-12 has proven  to be a product  that not only can significantly  reduce pollution  in  large cities, reduce  the operating costs, but also  can  provide  great  comfort  to  the  passengers. We  believe  that  this  project  in  Finland  will  be  a  big success.”

“Given challenging climatic Finnish conditions, we are honored to cooperate with BYD, which has already created  the  largest  EV  bus  fleet  in  the  world,  to  bring  the  first  electric  city  bus  to  the  Finland.  Our temperature  variations  during  the  year  are  from  -30  to  +30  degrees  Celsius.  If  that  can  be  handled accordingly,  we  are  confident  that  electric  buses  can  replace  diesel  or  gas  buses  and  realize  real zero-emissions  in  the  future  in  Finland”,  said  Sami  Ojamo,  Development  Director  of  Veolia  Transport Finland.

. The BYD eBUS-12 is able to run 250 km (155 miles) on a single charge in urban conditions, and its energy consumption less  than  130  kWh  per  100  km.The  core  technology  of  the  BYD  eBUS  is  BYD’s self-developed  Iron-Phosphate  or  “Fe”  battery  technology.  The  “Fe”  battery  boasts  the  highest  safety, longest service  life and most environmentally-friendly rechargeable chemistry (containing no heavy metals or  toxic/flammable  electrolytes). The BYD  eBUS-12  is now  in  regular passenger  service  in  four  cities  in China  including  Shenzhen,  Changsha,  Shaoguan  and  Xi’an.  The  accumulated  mileage  of  the  eBUS  in Shenzhen  alone  has  reached  over  3.2  million  kilometers  (or  2.0  million  miles)  achieved  by  the  end  of January 2012. Recently, Shenzhen City announced  it will add 1000 more BYD electric buses  to  its public transportation fleet, already the largest zero-emissions fleet in service world-wide.

. BYD  Co.,  Ltd,  the  Exclusive  Transportation  Service  Supplier  of  the  Universiade  Shenzhen  2011,  is  a leading-edge  provider  of  green  energy  technologies  that  specializes  in  IT,  automobile,  and  new  energy industries.  Being  the  world’s  biggest  rechargeable  battery  manufacturer,  BYD  branched  into  the  auto business  in 2003, and has kept a  robust yearly growth  rate successively. In 2008, Warren Buffett  invested $232 million to take a 9.89% stake in BYD. Today, BYD is the fastest-growing Chinese auto company and a global pioneer  in  the field of new energy vehicles  including Dual Mode Electric Models and Pure Electric Models.  In 2010, BYD  and Daimler AG  set up  a 50-50, 600 million yuan  ($88 million) electric car  joint venture in China. BYD has also focused on the Research & Development and manufacturing of a wide range of new energy products, including energy storage system, solar energy products and LED lighting.

. Veolia Transport Finland  is one of  the biggest public  transport operators  in Finland providing cutting edge sustainable  transport  solutions  to  the cities, municipalities and private  sector. Veolia Transport operates in capital area and in Western Finland with more than 300 busses. Veolia Transport Finland is part of world’s biggest private public transport operator Veolia Transuded which has €8 Billion revenue and 3.3 Billion trips annually with 119,000 employees in 27 countries.

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