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Bus byd éléctrique

BYD Classé n ° 7 du Top 10 des entreprises les plus innovantes en Chine pour être le premier à apporter le bus électrique .Shenzhen – Recently, the Fast Company named the 2012 Most Innovative Companies on its website. Since this is the third year the Fast company has listed the « World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies », it made some innovations to its yearly list by picking out the top 10 most innovative companies by industry. BYD was ranked No. 7 of China’s top 10 Most Innovative Companies.

According to the Fast Company, as the most innovative Chinese automobile company, BYD was chosen for being the first to bring electric power to public transportation by creating the world’s first purely electric bus. BYD’s e-BUS 12 releases zero emissions, can go for more than 150 miles on a single charge, and uses solar panels located on the roof to convert solar energy into electricity. The buses have been tested in China, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Hertz car rental will use the buses to transport passengers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)


 About BYD eBUS-12

byd1As BYD’s first pure electric bus, the eBUS-12 also employs many advanced technologies developed internally by BYD. For example, the unique BYD Fe Battery used on the eBUS-12 is non-polluting as the materials contained in the battery can be recycled or disposed of easily. Solar panels are installed on top of the eBUS-12 supply power to help charge the Fe batteries. The trip computer on the instrument panel provides all the service information necessary for the driver and gives him clear information while driving.Since Jan 2011, the eBUS-12 has been in service in the bus operation in Shenzhen, Changsha, Xi’an and Shaoguan, respectively, in China. Until Feb 2012, the total operational mileage of the buses has exceeded 3.2 million kilometers (2.0 million miles). In August 2011, 200 units of BYD eBUS-12 served the 2011 Universiade event in Shenzhen and were highly praised by the government officials, coaches and players worldwide.



La caractéristique robuste du BAIC X25 se reflète à travers son design extérieur. Il est équipé d’une calandre et de courbes aérodynamiques et de pare-chocs solides qui donne ce plaisir de conduire une voiture puissante et fiable. Le design intérieur est tout aussi chic avec des matières bien choisies comme le carbone et le laqué noir. « Le jeu de couleur rouge et noir des équipements intérieurs inspire la classe et la sportivité. » Le tableau de bord texturé en carbone noir permet au conducteur de se sentir plus à l’aise la nuit.